Welcome to my website www.antiaging.coach. My name is Marjo Horn. I was born on August 1st, 1946. As an anti aging coach and author of lifestyle and beauty books and charts, I like to give you my proven anti aging advice via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and of course via this website www.antiaging.coach. You will find the basics for anti aging on Facelift à la Carte. The nice chart with my very effective exercises and massages.

Anti Aging Coach Marjo Horn at 18 and 68.

People often ask me how I managed to keep my neck as smooth as it still is or how I was able to keep the original shape of my face even after 50 years. The answer to these questions is that I only did my own 5 minutes Natural Facelift plan, which is mentioned on Facelift à la Carte. And as I had to explain in my practice in Amsterdam all the time how I did it I decided - in order to make it easy for myself - to write Looking Great in 21 days. This book contains at the same time an alkaline food program for 21 days. After that I developed the Facelift à la Carte luxury chart with the complete DIY program to enable my clients how the exercises and massages can be done. This plan is very useful for women and man from age 30 to 99, for anyone who likes to keep wonderful, glowing skin forever.

The Facelift à la Carte chart has been developed by me for your daily routine

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